Goodridge Brook Estates, the Behemoth

Civilized general discussion about the Goodridge Brook Estates project.
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Goodridge Brook Estates, the Behemoth

Post by Mr. Motorcycle » Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:36 pm

I am resident living on Sylvan Road. I moved here from The MetroWest area. Wayland to be exact. Some of the things that makes me love my home, and for what its worth, the Town of Lancaster, is the fact that there is wildlife literally right outside my windows, there is no traffic congestion to speak of especially compared to the MetroWest area, the low crime statistics, and the schools because I have a son in the 9th Grade. We did much research before choosing Lancaster as a home town.

My aversion of this proposed development is a few things, and I will list them:

The schools will be negatively impacted. On April 17, 2015 the district decided that there would no longer be school choice in Lancaster. How can we integrate the hundreds of children that will populate our community without overburdening our schools? Lancaster High School currently serves three towns and the school is already busting at the seams. And to support this influx of students, will we have to then rebuild our schools?

Fire statistics will go up. According to the Lancaster Fire Departments’ website – “Lancaster is comprised of some 7,500 residents and covers an area of about 28 square miles. The department is made up of two full-time Firefighter/EMTs, 30 On-Call Firefighters, & 10 On-Call Emergency Medical Technicians.” How is it possible that hundreds, if not thousands, of new residents will not be an exhausting and daunting task to our 2 staff firefighters and 30 on-call firefighters? How is it possible to remain effective and maintain safety with an influx of this many residents? Is it fair to these brave men and women?

Crime statistics will go up. There are currently 7 police officers for our 7,500 residents That is 1000 residents per officer. The latest reported crime index for our Town is 65.8. This is down significantly since a reported 121.1 in 2011. Our quiet town will most assuredly skyrocket back to previous years higher Index rates, if not even more significant numbers. This will greatly impact all property values in our Town.

Wildlife. My property abuts an area deemed to be Wetlands. It is one of the reasons we chose the property that we did. I look outside my windows and I see foxes. I see owls. I see deer. All these animals and many more reside safely in our town. So many cities and towns have over-developed and have lost any recognition of the beauty of nature and all the benefits it brings.

I think the proposal of the Goodridge Brook Estates will not be capable of supporting the economic strains that we will assuredly be faced with. The incoming taxes will not offset the challenges and strains to our lives.

Can Lancaster handle all this as it currently sits, from an environmental, population, and crime standpoint? I propose that it cannot. And if Goodridge Brook Estates is to come to fruition and this Town changes, so to should changes be made to our resources.

Do we want to change that much? I know that it goes against every reason I had for moving to such a wonderful community.

Sincerely, Carleton Andersen, Jr.

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