12/28/18 -- Item Article On Project Status

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12/28/18 -- Item Article On Project Status

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To All:

The December 28 article from the Item regarding the status of the Goodridge Brook Estates development is appended below.

It includes updates on the housing count as well as the status of the sewer permitting process.



The Item
Goodridge Housing Numbers Drop

By Ken Cleveland Item Correspondent
Posted Dec 28, 2018 at 3:01 AM

LANCASTER – The numbers have dropped as the Goodridge Brook Estates affordable housing project progresses, with the total bedroom count for the Sterling Road project decreasing from 474 to 378, according to a letter for the developer’s engineer.

The figures were presented in a Dec. 17 letter to the Lancaster Sewer District Commission by Robert Truax, project manager/design engineer for Crescent Builders. The new figures include 28 four-bedroom homes and 28 three-bedroom homes in the single family home development, totaling 196 bedrooms in 56 homes.

The rental portion is proposed to have the following: 20 one-bedroom units; 66 two-bedroom units; and 10 three-bedroom units, totaling 182 bedrooms in 96 apartments.

The bedroom figure is important for calculation of sewer flows. Truax indicated the new figures, based on 110 gallons per day per bedroom, yields a flow of 41,580 gallons per day.

That figure becomes the base on which the sewer commission calculates infiltration and inflow (I&I) numbers.

Those figures are used to meet the state’s requirement that additional sewage flowing to the Clinton treatment plant be matched by corresponding elimination of water leaking into the system.

For a project of that size, the I&I reduction must be four times the new sewage, according to previous discussion before the sewer commission.

Since Lancaster does not have enough I&I to meet the state requirement, Ali proposed removing that amount from the Clinton sewerage pipes.

That proposal raised concerns on the Lancaster Sewer District Commission because of the impact on Lancaster sewer ratepayers.

Reducing Clinton’s I&I and flow to the plant shifts the proportion for Lancaster, increasing Lancaster’s share of operating costs.

Clinton response

Clinton’s Board of Selectmen last week approved moving forward with a plan to remove I&I from Clinton’s sewerage pipes as part of the proposed affordable housing development in Lancaster, directing town officials to negotiate plans with the applicant, Iqbal Ali of Crescent Builders Inc.

Ali sought to work on the removal of three times the amount of new sewage he would generate, but Clinton selectmen noted the project was in Lancaster and should be based on the four times criteria under state rules.

The Lancaster Sewer District Commission had also clarified to Ali in its most recent meeting that state rules stipulated a four-to-one ratio.

Ali said he wanted to get the paperwork going.

Clinton Selectman Dave Sargent questioned whether town roads would be dug up and Ali said he would work with the highway superintendent, essentially funding work the town is already doing to decrease infiltration of water into the pipes that increase the volume of water being treated.

Clinton Selectman Bill Connolly Jr. urged that “the board vote to support the applicant’s request subject to satisfactory negotiation and agreements with town counsel, the town administrator and superintendent of public works so everybody is clear ahead of time what the expectation is and what the requirement is and what the commitment is on your part.”

Connolly clarified it was support of “a concept pending negotiations to specify what work needs to be done and in compliance with the state requirement,” with the issue returning to the Board of Selectmen for a final vote.

“Everything I’ve read about this project hasn’t been terrific so I want to make sure the town’s protected,” Clinton Selectman Sean Kerrigan said.

The motion passed with Sargent opposed.

Dropping numbers

The project had started in April when Ali appeared before the Lancaster Board of Appeals with a proposed 64-home and 136-unit apartment complex with 541 bedrooms. The MassHousing figures included 120 apartments; the single-family portion was originally approved as 80 condominiums.

Since then, issues such as traffic, road access and environmental issues have been discussed at the meetings of the Lancaster Board of Appeal that must approve the final details of the Comprehensive Permit that allows so-called 40B projects to bypass many local regulations.

Prior to the latest proposal, the project proposed 474 bedrooms: 226 in 120 apartments and 248 in 62 single family homes.

Upcoming meetings

The Lancaster Board of Appeals was originally scheduled to continue its discussion of the project at the Dec. 27 meeting, but its revised agenda showed that “due to an anticipated lack of a quorum of voting members, no information or testimony will be accepted at the meeting.” The hearing will be continued to Jan. 24, 2019.

The sewer commission is slated to meet Jan. 2 to discuss Ali’s latest proposal.

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