7/12/2018 - Town of Lancaster Master Plan Comment

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7/12/2018 - Town of Lancaster Master Plan Comment

Post by Victoria Petracca » Tue Jul 24, 2018 10:41 am

Other concerns aside, my sense is that the town would like to see a more accurate letter submitted, Mark.

- There were two presentations: a presentation on Wednesday, 11/29 at 11AM. The site visit was on Wednesday, 12/13 at 10AM. As you might imagine they were sparsely attended.
- No comments were solicited outside of the these two events, and the presentation was never made publicly available. The letter that was shared was written two weeks into the allowed 30 day comment period.
- These were not public meetings. I'm not even certain how comments could be gathered at them.

I have not heard opposition to affordable housing -- certainly no "animosity toward future neighbors." On the contrary, I've been very impressed with how disciplined the the opposition to this project has been -- it's been very focused opposition to an inappropriately dense development in a part of town zoned for much lower density residential development. As we need to point out to MassHousing, just last year the town proactively voted to allow higher-density housing (20 units/acre) off Route 2 in the north part of town. The IPOD overlays there are specifically designed to address the need for mixed-use development and affordable housing. These changes are part of the towns Master Plan that's been executed for the past decade, and the town has actively worked to roll back zoning practices that might hold back new housing.

Link to Lancaster Master Plan:
https://www.ci.lancaster.ma.us/administ ... plan
- Russ Williston 7/12/18 response to Mark Grasso

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