08/14/18 -- STB Presentation to the Conservation Commission

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08/14/18 -- STB Presentation to the Conservation Commission

Post by StopThe40B » Fri Aug 17, 2018 10:42 am

On Tuesday night, August 14, Victoria and Stephanie presented a letter to the Conservation Commission (CC), at their scheduled public
meeting. On behalf of the Stop The Behemoth group, they requested the following actions from the CC:

1) Submit a written comment letter to the Board of Appeals (BOA) regarding Crescent Builder's request for an environmental waiver.
2) Advise the BOA in writing of the need to conduct wildlife and botanical studies to be supervised by the town's conservation agent.
3) Schedule a site visit by the town's conservation agent as soon as possible, while plants and animals are still active.

The need for MEPA reviews as well as a vernal pools survey of the property were discussed as well.

The presentation was well-received by the members of the Conservation Commission. They agreed to act upon these requests and
advise the Board of Appeals by their next meeting scheduled for 8/23.

Factors that would trigger a MEPA review were also discussed. The board reported that the town's engineer was not able to make
that determination using the plans submitted by the developer. The BOA needed to request an appropriately scaled set of plans.

A text version of the original letter is appended below:

Actions requested by Stop the Behemoth to the Lancaster Conservation Commission

Presented at August 14, 2018 public meeting

Stop the Behemoth is a group of citizens concerned about the unprecedented scale of the Goodridge Brook Estates 40B proposal on Sterling Road. The project sits on 45+ acres of prime category woods and wetlands, and creates a myriad of large-scale environmental impacts. The project likely triggers MEPA involvement which our group is currently confirming with the Town’s engineer. The proposal is currently in a 180-day Comprehensive Permit Review Hearing under the Lancaster Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA).

1. We formally request that the Lancaster Conservation Commission submit written comment on Crescent Builders’ request for an environmental waiver to the Lancaster ZBA Appeals. Given the size of the site and the scale of development of high density housing, we ask that the Commission strongly urge the Lancaster ZBA to deny this waiver. We ask that this be done in writing PRIOR to the ZBA’s next hearing continuance which is Thursday, August 23 at 7 pm. This waiver was requested at the last hearing, July 26, and we ask that your letter be received in time that it be denied at this upcoming hearing of August 23.

2. We formally request that the Lancaster Conservation Commission strongly suggest to the Lancaster Zoning Board of Appeals in its letter that two studies be conducted on the proposed 45+ acre site:

A) Wildlife Habitat Study of Rare and Endangered Species
B) Botanical Survey including, but not limited to wetlands, birds, and animals associated with vernal pools

We further ask that the Conservation Commission suggest these studies be supervised by the Lancaster Conservation Agent.

3. Lastly, we request that action be taken to arrange a site visit very soon by Lancaster’s Conservation Agent.

We respectfully submit these 3 requests to the Lancaster Conservation Commission and await follow-up action. Thank you for the opportunity to make our grave environmental concerns known relative to this enormous proposal in our community. An environmental waiver must not be granted to Crescent Builders.


Victoria Petracca and Stephanie Stanton

Added verbally: We request that the Conservation Commission strongly encourage the ZBA to make sure developer applicant files for MEPA Review.

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