07/25/18 -- GLM Engineering - Preliminary List of Waivers

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07/25/18 -- GLM Engineering - Preliminary List of Waivers

Post by StopThe40B » Fri Aug 24, 2018 2:30 am

The attached document is the Preliminary List of Waivers from GLM Engineering for the Goodridge Brook Estates project
received by the town on 7/25/18. It requests variances from several subdivision rules and zoning bylaws. In addition, it
seeks waivers for building and occupancy permits as well as sewer and water connection fees for the affordable units.

The town's engineering review of the GBE project plans completed on 8/2/18 addresses some of these waivers. Those
comments are available on the town web site (see Goodridge Brook Estates Engineering Review 8-2-18).

Others who looked at the proposal recognized that the waivers were incorporated in the plans submitted to the town
at the end of July. It would not be possible to achieve the housing density and fit the development within the
wetlands boundaries without these waivers.

The waivers produce numerous safety concerns for the development's future residents as well as for any first responders
who would have to deal with any emergencies within this densely-packed area. Narrow roads having reduced diameter
turnarounds, or in some cases none at all, would inhibit access in and out as well as maneuvering within.

Similarly, anyone servicing facilities or maintaining roads within the development would have difficulty operating
large vehicles within its confines (eg: garbage trucks, snowplows, moving vans, school busses).

The town's Board of Appeals heard public comments on these waivers at its hearing on 8/23/18. It is currently seeking
comments from the appropriate town boards.

-- Greg
072518 -- GLM Engineering - Preliminary List of Waivers
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